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Story 40: Galapagos Islands – Are they Worth It?
Hey there, monkeys!It’s here! Your exclusive preview of our third and final video of the incredible Galapagos Islands!With our amazing sailing trip to the Galapagos coming to an end, we go in search of the elusive penguins, which Tasha has been trying to chase down. Along the way, we come across swimming iguanas, some sharks and a well-placed “NO SWIMMING” sign, but we get to swim with sea horses and some enormous sea turtles.We also place our trust in a skilled motorboat captain off Isla Isabela who surfs some terrifying waves between reefs to anchor us safely off a little remote island where we finally find our penguins.Enjoy the adventure! Next up, we’re sailing across the Pacific, which you don’t want to miss. It’s an epic journey ahead!Stay cheeky,Tasha, Ryan & the Cheeky Monkey Crew
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