This is a verrrrrrry old painting of mine (1995) that I've only had a snapshot of because I donated it to a library in NJ years ago. I've been trying to "rescue" a lot of my old paintings (that exist only as photos-- this was long before I ever had a digital camera) and try to fix them in Photoshop. (Some have missing parts or just really needed some restoration!) This is one of those.

It's called "Story" and it's basically a  storybook illustration of a boy reading to his centaur friend.  (I had made up a story in my mind for this painting years ago while working on it, but I've long forgotten what happened in it! I'm guessing they had more adventures with their cat. And there always seems to be a black cat around, just like in real life.)

It's done in watercolors and colored pencils, and now it has some digital embellishments and has been "tidied up. "
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