The Story Behind Storeria
The Northern Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi dekayi) is a very small species of snake in the genus Storeria, one of my personal favourites. These snakes are small, brown to red in colour, and mostly insect and worm eaters. They are mostly shy and secretive species that spend most if their time hiding under leaf litter, logs, and other forms of cover. They can be found in nearly any habitat from forests to fields, to swamps. They have remarkable variability in colour and pattern making them fun to find, catch, and photograph as each one is very unique. They're non-aggressive and often revert to trying to hide their head or slithering away quickly. While most people fear snakes and think that the only good snake is a dead snake, these are both results of cultural misconceptions. Snakes help reduce pest populations (mammalian and insect specifically) resulting in a decrease in the spread of disease. Snake venom also has extensive medical uses and is being used in research for further medical uses such as treatment for Alzheimers.