Story Creation Experience (Public)
Reposted, because the original contains spoilers already and I don't want to delete people's comments, so that's why you have this twice. One is private, one is public. There should be another post tonight with screen caps that's private for you all to look at. So this.. has begun. Published December 5, 2014 So, in a discussion on FB with other comic artists, the statement was made: Some comic artists saw huge increases in patrons by offering tutorials and step by steps for their art. While I do regular art too, I prefer comic work which takes a LOT of time. I've been asked to share tips on MS, making comics, process etc, and thought it might be fun to do an exercise where YOU get to choose an idea/world for me to create from scratch and you get to see everything I write down for it, along with testing out my process on your own projects in the process. That, and/or I start a comic that people who are pledging over a certain amount get to offer suggestions/throw wrenches at what I'm doing. Anyone interested?