[Story] Full Story Outline - WIP

Hi guys!

Hope your weekend was excellent! My boyfriend and I received a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn (early birthday gift) and have been playing it a bit every night. It's really fun and so inspiring. 

This weekend, I worked a lot on developing the whole story outline of "Eislyn". I really enjoy reading stories where there's a lot of early clues and foreshadowing present as you read along, and by the end of the story everything connects with little to no continuity errors or loopholes.

Because of that reason, I find it's important to really flesh out exactly what the main events of the story are while still keeping it open and flexible to flourish with a life of its own. 

I've nearly completed the entire outline. There's a few stories towards the end that I'm feeling undecisive about in terms of what order they should go in and how I should end it. 

I've blurred the image a bit to keep it spoiler free, although if you're really interested  you can save the image and zoom in to read it (I'd advise against it, though - lots of little details that would be better to keep as a surprise!)

 Next Monday, I'm going to aim to have more writing done ("The Orphan Child" is set for release in May), and work some more on the illustration for "Seraph."

Have a great week!

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