Story- Galaxy wars Part 1
Once there was a huge outer space war. People were send from all different countries to outer space for the war. It was declared the war will be every year and this was the first one. Every country send a man to fight, but one didn't send anyone, it was Russia every single man was asked in the country, but none was brave enough, all had one fear, DEATH. However during the asking one woman saw and asked can she go to the outer space war. Russia's president was afraid to send a woman, but being the only entries they had no other choice.

The next day, a rocket was send from Russia to outer space. Carrying one brave woman,Jennifer. When she reached there everyone already there were exited to see which brave man Russia sent. Soon the rocket landed and the door slid up open revealing Jennifer. Everyone laughed and joked around that a girl showed up for the war. Then a American boy asked meanly, "okay, now tell seriously where is the man who will attend the war and please no joking around since it's not April fools today." Jennifer replied, "i am sorry, but if you don't believe me its not my problem, but i will attend the war" and then she left.

One day later, everyone including Jennifer got messages from their presidents that war will begin in 5 minutes now, so get ready.

Everyone rushed in the galaxy with armors and swords, except one, Jennifer. She pretended she didn't have anything, but no one cared, but decided to attack Jennifer first. A deep voice shouted from no where "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BEGIN!!!" as soon as possible Jennifer removed a light saber and attacked everyone who came for her. However one survived it was the American boy...

With his faith he speedily attacked Jennifer, but who knew invisible armor existed!!! Jennifer got a few wounds, but immediately she attacked him and the only survivor was one and only Jennifer!!!

She returned to her country and......

                                                             part 2 coming soon!!!