The story of my Cintiq Pro 16
Days are passing so fast that I'm often confused when I realise that it's already another week. And another. And another.

Bacause of it I've totally forgot to tell you that I've upgraded my graphic tablet!

My first tablet (bought over 6 years ago) was Wacom Bamboo S. It was cute and fun, but very small. In few months my husband gifted me Wacom Intuos 4M, and I was painting on it for over 5 years. In the meantime my son broke one of the pen's side buttons, but the tablet was working just fine. Thankfully!

When I decided to go professional, and focus on my artist career I made a promise to buy a Cintiq if I earn enough to buy it during next 6 months. I did. But to be honest I was too scared to get it. Silly, I know. But getting a tablet worth 2000 USD was a commitment, a decision that I will actually make my living with painting illustrations. And it's not an easy thing to do. Believe me, it would be much easier to get a job in the new-opened IKEA, to have a boss who tell me what to do, and to responsibilities closed in the building which is NOT my home.

And when the Cintiq already arrived, I tested it, get it worked in 4K res, and loved it, I still wasn't sure if I want to keep it!

But here I am, finally having a tablet that all artists dream about from the beginning :) Scared, yes. Frustrated, yes. But happy :)

So, keep going guys! Whatever you're doing don't quit even if you're scared. Being happy it worth the effort.

PS. Frustrated because Cintiq Pro 16 is a quite new release, and I had to use tricks to get it working with my 2 years old computer. On top of that every Photoshop or Windows update screw something up - like gestures, or right button options for brushes... Damn.