A story of the beginning of this universe

Chaos was moving in the water. Slipping, sliding, reforming, as Chaos does. It conceived another universe and a door opened. Water went through the door, carrying tiny life. And the door closed.

Life is power, potential, and hope. Its patron is The Seed, who watches over it. In this new universe, The Seed created a home for itself from which to watch: Ahbehan, the Plane of Birth.

Being a child of Chaos, The Seed conceived another province and again a door opened. Earth went through the door, bringing solid ground and protection. And the door closed.

Earth is foundation, form, and evolution. Its patron is The Idea, who helps it maintain form across tumult and time. The Idea settled in the Plane of Birth also.

Being a child of Balance, The Idea invited Order to this universe. A door opened. Air came through the door and with it The Void, who settled too in the Plane of Birth.

Being a child of Order, The Void pushed against Chaos, which pushed back and a last door opened. That door let in Fire, and Creation stepped in amidst it. The door closed and Creation remained with them in the Plane of Birth.

The old universe forgot the doors that had opened, and the new universe forgot the old.

But of course that’s not how it ended. There were other doors first and through them came the other Eminences.

And they made everything in this world, including the Peoples.

In the beginning was a the water and in it The Seed brought forth the Anuri.

The land arose and on it The Idea brought forth the Gebbuki.

Above them both, the air and in it The Void brought forth the Nymioni.

From nowhere, fire and through it Creation brought forth the Urdeshi.

But that’s just an allegory. The sea and land and sky and fire all existed before the first peoples, otherwise how would they have survived?

Elementals are old, but the Peoples are older.

The Peoples are old, but the Elements themselves are older still.

The Elements are old, but the Eminences are older still.

And the Fundamentals—Chaos, Balance, Order—are older than all the universes.

When Chaos opened up a hole to move through, others followed.

Along with the Fundamentals and Elements came beings of lesser power, but still nearly as mighty as the gods of the old universe. These 72 Eminences claimed planes of this new universe as their provinces, and from their new homes set about creating a world to amuse them and increase their power.

Many shaped the physical world and drew on the elements. Others brought plants and animals into being. However, some knew that the admiration of intelligent beings would strengthen them. Recalling that the races of the old universe had godly protectors already, whose attention they wished to avoid attracting, these creator Eminences made new Peoples, with forms and capabilities pleasing to them.

Seeing these beings beginning to act in the world, other Eminences meddled and combined them to create additional Peoples. The meddling came to a breaking point when The Trickster took the great blessing given to one people, the Pwonti’s restful regeneration, and shared it with all Peoples.

Seeing all their creations growing mightier, and the potential for them to be used as weapons by one Eminence against another, an agreement was made amongst all the Eminences, and the land of the Peoples was blocked from further interference. The Eminences pledged themselves to minimal direct involvement and turned their primary attention to their own planes of existence.

Left with almost no protection, the Peoples turned to one another to survive their turbulent world.

Or so go the old chants. By our best reconstruction—and, back when they still visited this world, the eminences that history was shown to in its earliest form said it was accurate—the first people were created 1402 years ago. The last new people, the Wuzehri, were created to help protect us from the threat of elementals a bit over 500 years ago. The eminences departed from us about 400 years ago, and we began to lose The Trickster's gift. Now Restful Regeneration, that magical ability of bouncing back overnight from even the most grievous injuries, is found in only one in ten persons. (Well, about twice that for Pwonti, but then it was originally a gift to them.) Still, even they age and die by a century's age at most; usually much sooner, like any of us. Magic and the blessings protect us, but the elementals grow stronger every century and we must look to each other for our defense more than ever. 

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