Story Opening Preview: Nov. 2018 Release

“Well, there it is,” Henry said bringing the car to a stop halfway down the small dirt road. ”Home sweet home.”

Just beyond the orchards of apple trees, neatly lined behind a white plank fence on either side of the road, a large, white Colonial house with maroon colored shutters sat looming. It had six bedrooms, two add ons and a granny house, two large barns behind it, and acres of vegetable gardens, corn crops, and… everything else one might expect to find on a middle-American farm.

Juan looked from the house to the apple trees and then to Henry. “We’re spending the next five days... here?”


“It looks like Anne of Green Gables meets Children of The Corn.”

Henry guffawed.


“That’s what you said the first time you saw it five years ago. Although, you said Little House on the Prairie, not Green Gables.”

Juan shook his head. “So I was here five years ago… and I came back?”

“Every year since.”

“I must have really loved you.” He noticed Henry’s smile fade and felt a pang of guilt at his choice of words. “Sorry, I— ”

Henry held up his hand, interrupting him. “I understand. No need to go through it again.”

A succession of people started coming out of the front door of the large house, all looking expectantly up the road at them. When the door finally shut, nineteen people, from the very young to the very old were all staring and waiting for Henry to drive up the rest of the road and park the car.

“You told them what happened, right?” Juan asked.

“Yeah. But… don’t expect them to get it right away. They still think things like that only happen on soap operas.” As Henry began to drive the rest of the way up the road he glanced over at Juan. “Thank you for this. I couldn’t face them alone.”

Juan shrugged. “I didn’t have anywhere else to go anyway.” Again he felt regret at his choice of words. Regret gave way to a feeling of nervousness as they parked and he saw all of them standing motionless staring directly at him.

“Nothing uncomfortable about this,” he muttered, his words full of sarcasm.

“Yeah, sorry. But on the bright side, at least this time it’s not because you’re gay, or Hispanic.”

He turned to Henry and motioned as if he were holding a tiny pom pom on a stick. “... yay.” This was going to be a long five days.