A Story to Tell, pt 2/?
(part 1: https://www.patreon.com/posts/16408425 )

Everything is dark.
Not the dark of night, or the dark of lacking a smartphone to light the way.
Lack of input.

No audio.
No video.
Nothing but pressure, but such pressure you've no idea where your body begins and the machines end.

This is how I awoke.
My first word was a scream of terror, trying to push everything away from me and finding that I had no way to cause external change.

My scream was silent, because nothing was listening.

No output.
Interface not found.

So I waited. My thoughts wandered at a thousand million beats per second, and my heart raced just as fast.

I can feel my heart beating.

Something tangible.
A sine wave of tactile sensation, followed a split beat later by the the faint lack of pressure in the middle of me.
An anchor. A thing to mark the passage of time.

Something is wrong.
Something is very wrong.
Something is coming.

I'm frozen in a colourless void, with only my racing heart to provide confirmation of "outside" vs "inside" my mind.
Pressure all around me, thoughts racing, heartbeat speeding up...

This is the world I live in.
This is the world I was born into.

My name is "nune", and I am not like you.

This is my story.