I just wanted to post a quick note to inform everyone that I updated both 'The Unbound Soul' and 'Have Fox, Will Travel' this weekend as promised. I'm still working on the next chapter of Magic Online and hope to have that up soon but because I'm still stuck roughly 2/3's of the way through the chapter, I'm not sure how long it will be until I can post it. 

I also spent less time working on new stuff this week in order to try and get some stuff done on my older stories and nearly doubled the current word count for the next chapter of 'Twice Blessed Shinobi' and added another 100 words to the next chapter of 'Hunter x in the x Making'; so hopefully I can get those two stories closer to being updated. 

I may have to break down and start posting a new story just to make certain people know I'm still alive and still writing but I'd really prefer to finish a story before I do that. I don't like that I have so many unfinished stories just sitting there though. 'Have Fox' hadn't been updated in nearly two years until I posted the next chapter today!

The only exception would be for a story that is complete. I don't mind posting completed stories but I'd have to finish one first. Maybe I can get one of the one-shots ready. No promises though. 

Anywho, I'd just wanted to let those who aren't following a specific story or who don't watch my author's page to know I'd updated. (FINALLY).