Storytelling Doodle Thoughts
So while I'm trying to work out a clear theme and goal for issue 2 of School Memories, I decided to go ahead and work on another short story that I already have a clear theme and goal. I'm still in the outline phase but will be moving to trying out doing first drafts short story style of the comic script. I usually go right to my final script after rehashing out the outline and I think that's what causing me to miss some of the story plot clarity mistakes. Anywhoo I thought it would be fun to share my doodle thoughts with all of you. I love the story creating process! I just zone out to some music after writing my thoughts and have the story play out in my mind🤓🤔 Does anyone else do this too? I have to really tap into my feelings and instinct to help me decide of an outline and story draft is ready for the final step which is the drawing process.