Hey Patreon's!  A quick update for you. I have some new gear entering my stable to help with my film work, one of which was the goal for fund raising. This will be replaced with something else I deem just as important. in my process to creating high quality work.

An update on this months (actually August) video, 0SPF, is in editing stages. I have a boatload of good footage that I am trying to trim down to as not to overbloat the end story. I also have a few pieces I will be filming this week that need to be shoehorned in as well, during my busiest month of the year!

In the meantime, I got some footage of a race this past weekend for a fall project. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about me and help get more of these films funded!

TRAILER: Sometimes you just can't pass up the opportunity to get out
and film something unusual. Filmed some race footage last night and
early this morning for a short film I will put together later this year.

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MISSED this months video? Check it out: https://vimeo.com/173170047 * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J3bF0v64ss

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