Straight Outta Windber
During the aforementioned road trip, Kat and I decided to stop in a tiny (literally, 2.1 square miles) town in Pennsylvania that's home to an amazing testament to financial misplanning. To make a long story short, a genius decided to buy up subway cars during a financial downturn because he figured he could sell them back when things got better and the various railroads needed them to handle increased ridership. Except... he didn't set aside enough money to actually build storage facilities. So now there are over fifty subway cars from various parts of America rotting out in the woods. Spending a lot of time in Boston, this Green Line PCC from 1945 caught our eye immediately and we decided to use it as the centerpiece for our shooting. We're thinking of going back twice in 2016: once to lay down some grass seed inside the car and a second time with Kat dressed as Poison Ivy to take advantage of our ecodecorating idea.