Straight!? v0.14 Public Release!!


So here ya go. We dropping it a day early just 'cause.

This is one of the biggest episodes we've ever released. Emphasis on the we here because this is also the first episode I've done with my buddy, Blayke.  Going to also recommend not jumping to new game so quickly this time around. Just sit on the menu screen for a minute cause there's a little something something new there, too. More on that later. As always, here's the links, let us know if you have problems. Leave comments here or check in with us on the Discord.

Normal Version (4.5gig)
PC: Google Drive
MAC : Google Drive 

Crunched Version with reduced image quality (500mb)
PC: Google Drive
MAC: Google Drive


Change Log v0.14

-Continued the plot line of Chapter 7: Deeper with 5 new environments and over 200 new pics that expand the world our further than we've gone before.

-New custom made adult warning screen that's light years ahead of my google image from before (Thanks Jordyn!)

-New custom made main menu screen with movie that beyond kicks ass! Like, this shit almost brought me to tears the first time I saw it. All praise goes to Lazy-Jake!

-Corrected some CGs that still had fireflies in them from v0.13 (Thanks to supporter lex0 who did this for me)

-Prophetically, there was a great battle over the game name given that it had somehow appeared two different ways "?!" vs "!?" over the past year. It's now "!?" so Blayke will stfu.

- Dinner Conversations are now denoted with orange text so you can tell the difference between them and normal conversation choices cause they special.

-Added an obscure literary addition that I've wanted to for a long time. Based on the name of the game, the word "straight" will always appear in red text throughout the entire story. It's an idea I got from one of my fav books.

-Began optimizing image files in the game to reduce file size by 15%. Thus far, overall game size was reduced by 500mg in the standard edition.

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