Straight!? v0.15.1 Public Release!


The biggest, longest, and most intense update we've ever done. While, we don't clock hours, I'd estimate we've easily got way over 600 man-hours into this build and I think we're all happy with how it turned out. It took a long time (over 2 months for this one) but it's probably big enough to be considered a double update so we feel it evens out. 

As always, feel free to post comments below or state your feedback, reactions, whatever you wanna say. We still try and respond to every comment that rolls in because that's always been very important to me.

Also, feel free to share this build with others. Once the free version is released, we have no problem with the game being posted publicly.

PC Build: Google Drive 

PC (Crunched): Google Drive 

MAC Build: Google Drive 

MAC (Crunched): Google Drive 

Change Log v0.15.1

-Change a time reference during the Mikhail/Zack talk at the end of Chapter 7 to reflect the appropriate day referenced.

-Correcting color on "straight" text that was overlooked

-Fixed typos and learned grammar that I didn't apparently figure out in grad school

Change Log v0.15

-Finished Chapter 7: Deeper

-Fixed "Embarrassing Story" text color

-Braden bent over CG (you know what one I'm talking about) was redone to make his starfish less frightening

-Finished the CG reduction on the dorm room folder, reducing overall game file size by another 240MB (not huge but it helps)

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