Straight v0.16.2 Public Release!!



So after forever, here's the new public release of version v0.16. So a couple things to note in this version that's going to be different than the previous ones:

1) Most noticeably, there's only two versions of the game now, PC and MAC. Jordyn was able to convert all the images from PNG to JPG format with little to no loss in quality. This version was sent out recently to the Patreon supporters to test for us and the feedback was pretty positive. Now that Patreon allows multiple pics during an image post, you can see the comparison in the images above. One is the previous PNG quality and the other is the same image in JPG. Overall, this significantly reduced the file size of the game from 6 gig to 1.3 gig. If we continue to receive praise for this change, we're likely to continue with it. The overall file reduction saves me an entire day worth of work for uploading and launches.

2) Like all previous releases, we continue to try and experiment with things. Parts of the experimenting in this update will show some images that look a bit different. This is due to us trying to combine both Daz Studio (our static image program) and Blender (the animation and set building program) together. We are aware that some images will look different as we continue to try and figure out a better way to implement these.

3) We also have new file sharing. Last time the public download interest was insane with our Google link reaching his threshold within minutes of release. We're now using Mediafire and Google Drive together. During Patreon release, some people had problems with the Mediafire link being slow. Our Mediafire has no download limit so I'll ask that you please try the Mediafire link first to see if the download time is adequate. I'd rather just save the Google Drive link for people with MediaFire problems. So be polite! Recent experience has suggested that if you live in the United States, go with Mediafire, if you're outside the US, then you  may have to go with the Google Drive one. 

PC: MediaFire       Google Drive 

MAC: MediaFire      Google Drive 

Change Log v0.16.2

-Corrected  some Braden hair glitches and odd reflections in a few CGs

-And guess what: More Typos!!

Change Log v0.16.1

-Corrected typos

-Converted all .PNG files to .JPG now, reducing overall file size from 6gig down to 1.2gig.

Change Log v0.16

-Updated splash screen with pics created by Jordyn to replace the previous text warnings that were frequently missed (ex: not to use old saves, and a new warning about the game being a work-in-progress to hopefully curb some of the judgmental criticism about the earlier parts of the game that have yet to be refined)

-Update font color changed in the chapter select to draw more attention to the Update feature there

-Began the first half of Chapter 8.

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