A strand of a story
Sometimes ideas come, like a whisper in your ear, a suggestion of what it should be, where it should go, what will happen to it.

I have a few of these strands at present with this fox and rabbit. Slowly, but shirley (as my friend would say ☺️) their characters are emerging and their story is defining itself.

But as always it’s got its own way of coming to life and it’ll be darned if it’s going to let me in on it! It’s like a guessing game half the time figuring out who is who and what’s happening. But that’s where the beauty and excitement is, because although it can be highly frustrating for a control freak like me, I love discovering the story as much as you do, and so I too get the suspense, the cliff hanger that keeps the page turning and me returning to find out what happened next, or before, or at the same time.

Because these stories, although linear in the end, never seem to start off that way.

So here I am, writing, discovering, getting to know my story as it writes and paints itself through me.