Stranded at sea - not for long !
This Patreon thing looks like my long awaited rescue boat! I'm impatient to get back out there, so with a bit of luck, this boat (which you fund!) can be the vessel that sees me share many wonderful storms and wavy sunrises with you. Metaphorically. I travel on land mostly.

One of the things that brings the most happiness, is sharing what you love with others. That's what happened in Cherkassy, Ukraine, during a musical visit of the orphanages. 

I just got turned down for a job teaching music in the French countryside. Maybe my call is to do that in many different places on this funny old planet, as I backpack and strumm.

So, here's a glass of fine sea water, to toast to the upcoming (and hypothetical) floaty-ness of your Patreon boat, which shall carry smiles, as well as my plight.


*glug glug glug glug*

"Oh my god this is salty!"

*cough cough cough*