The Stranger 2/3
In time, Blake decided to never go back to his old city. This is where his heart is now. Soon enough he learned to survive here in the trees. He learned to hunt, forage, and to find spots to sleep at night. Blake also quickly learned the language of this world and became friends with some of the natives, and they too loved him in return. He knew this place was innocent, and did not need to know what greed had done to the world beyond the trees. But, once in a while, he tells the young ones stories of a land made of smoke and metal. "..and there's this HUUUGE pit in the middle of the land of metal, where you could see the biggest fire in the world. FWOOOSH!!! Bigger than this tree!" "*GASPS* Wooooow! I want to see it! Can you take us there pleeeease~?" " !!! " "Hey, its you! Don't be scared, its just a story." "..." "She flew away again... *sigh*"