strawberry milkshake bag sample arrived!
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Access to Patreon Stream + Help me Achieve my Dreams!
You'll get access to my patreon stream which contains photos of works in progress, idea sketches, roughs, insider information about current ideas for new products, alerts about livestreams going on, and you'll be the first to be notified when new things are happening.
You'll also get the satisfaction of helping me with money to cover my overhead costs and get started with bigger projects--paying for printers for clothing, buying supplies to craft with, and giving me financial support through hard times.
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You'll get early access to drawings and designs before they are officially posted anywhere else, as well as exclusive screenshots on work and photos of completed items. You'll also have the ability to reserve shop items before they are even posted for sale. This amount also allows you to suggest talk points for future videos, and it comes with a 15% off discount code on all shop merchandise.

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Free Livestream Requests, Greater Shop Discount + Everything Above
You'll gain promoted access to regular livestreams in which simple art requests you might have will be filled by me if you attend. Requests would be filled in the form of drawings or small quick paintings, be of anything you want, and be drawn live in stream. This tier also includes a 20% discount code on shop merchandise!
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