Stream Date + More: an Update Post.
This Anime Revolution weekend was simply a HUGE success: Thank you all so much for stopping by and saying yo!!!! Next I'll also be at Anime Evolution on the 19th – 21st in a couple of weeks. I'm already exhausted. so please excuse me if i'm a bit quiet around here for the next little bit. (('course i've got some stuff in reserve to post, so it wont be completely void of life lmao.)) (b ; v ; )b

Our next Patreon request stream will happen on the 27th! (thats the weekend after AE because i'll need to  rest from the double convention sprint this month!!!) – Good news though: I will also likely be uploading the SmashBros Set as a Special Patrons-Only HD icon set sometime within that same week!! <3 

as for what my next pin set will be, on the same day i post the icon set, i'll be having a vote: my 3 most requested ones have been more undertale, steven and skullgirls: if you guys have any other series requests for buttons and the like, please let me know! – But I'd also really like to focus on more original projects after AE but i'm always up for suggestions and doing what you all wanna see too<3

SPEAKING OF:  regardless of what pins i work on next. LandFish & Shark episode #1: will continue to its finished/published ready state in early September/October. (or as soon as i've had a  clear moment to really think about it! sorry for delays but i've gotta pace myself! or it'll just be terrible!) 

Your support, compliments, and friendships really do mean the world to me. so, yeah from the bottom of my heart – Thank You, Cheers and Good Vibrations!!! as usual if you have anything on your minds, please feel free to leave a comment or Direct message me!

For those that are looking to spend a bit more quality time with me: Myself and my friend Erin Keena (@turvyart) will be streaming random movies, cartoons & Animes every Monday on & we'll be doing 'collaborative announcement cards' – So, yeah! Please Stay tuned to our twitter/tumblr for more information/times for that!  – We're going to watching Mr. Osomatsu next Monday! – We hope you'll chill with us then! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

thanks to Louis Almario for the great photo!!

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