Stream Schedule is back to normal #cycling #zwift #mattyandannika
I just updated the schedule on our Twitch to our morning Zwift riding as I start Zwift Academy on August 8th so Monday starts regular stream hours.

I will be Zwifting and doing pro training on Zwift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; then I ride group rides on Friday and Saturday. Time to get the legs sore again as I start to push even harder than Ive pushed since I started riding. August 13th it will be 1 years since Annika and I started riding and we cannot get enough of it; also Annika will be riding with again by the end of this month woohoo.

On Wednesday afternoons and/or nights we are also out and about working on preparing future rides for hardcore ultra endurance riders; so far I havent found anyone who wants to ride these rides with me so the worst case I'll continue to ride them myself until the right people come along. The type of rides Im planning are minimal 150-200 mile rides and the minimal time in a single ride would be 10 hours, though actual average 14-16 hours.

Don't forget we have a Discord Channel for cyclist and our game related friends. Have an awesome night and keep a watch I may do some Zwifting tomorrow after the group ride. Thanks for the support!