Stream this Sunday (29th!)/Pin Packages delayed!
Doodle stream this weekend! Be sure to send in your requests if you haven't already! 💖✌️

Apologies for the delay on buttons, I wasn't able to send packages this month (quite busy!) so, I'll be sending off packages w December/January/Febuarys buttons all at once on February 5th! - If you have custom requests for this, please message/email me! - [email protected] - I'll do my best to get it all together. 

Alternatively: we can arrange a pickup at AnimeRevolution:winter on the 12th or 13th! I'll be getting ready in the coming weeks so expect a lot of pictures! 

Also: I've been thinking of making some changes to the reward system overall, so keep your eyes out for a poll or two soon!!! 😘✌️