Stream this Friday!
This time we're going to switch things up a bit:

The first half of the stream will be at 2PM PST and will last around 2 hours, and the second half will be at 6:30PM PST, also for about 2 hours. We'll be making more progress on the Tsunami game, and by we I can confirm that Jay and Christian will be rejoining the streams to bring their unique writing styles to the table! My role during these streams will be more along the lines of editing and making music. Don't worry, my own personal writing contributions will come about throughout the week.

I also plan to release the dev build of the game to you Patrons after this Friday's stream, that way you can explore it early, should you choose to do so!

Hope to see you in the chat!

P.S. Patreon has been giving me a really hard time and failed to let me post the last few days, so sorry this hasn't gotten out to you sooner. Next time this sort of thing happens I'll just send messages to you all.