Streaming/Life/#WarcraftFAF Updates

After some thought about what I want to do and the direction I am headed, I am going to stop streaming for a while until I can upgrade my computer (hopefully early next year). 

I will be moving my stream to Twitch once I do that. Forge is awesome and has given me a chance to find out if I liked streaming and has helped me get through my anxiety about streaming but I feel like when I come back to streaming, I’d like to make it a fresh start all around. My Twitch channel is, if you are interested in hanging out on Twitch once I move over there.  

I am going to aim to have my computer upgraded by the middle of January and will keep everyone upgraded on how that goes.

I am going to continue leading #WarcraftFAF on the Horde side and working on improving my art and my health in the mean while until I start streaming again.

Thank you all for being amazing and supportive as always. <3


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