Streams, stream, streams

Are there holidays wherever you are?

Are you going to spend them with a significant person?

Will you be alone?

I see you. 

Let me know when you need company, or a hug. 

I wrote a song today that´ll be polished and recorded over the weekend, I mean: Thing coming!
Also I´m fighting the digital version of the artbook which should´ve been here now as a thing too, well probably tomorrow. More gremlins. I try and keep you entertained! So cap you pledges! I don´t want your money if you can´t afford it right now! I just want to release stuff!

Shows I´d like to recommend you this weekend:

Right now: our LM Cooke releases her book, and there will be music, and party. I´ll be there too. 

Tomorrow: Goth Aid Benefit. A Jeff Mach event - we were supposed to play in Piscataway in June, probably not gonna happen. Sounds fun. We´re on first at 16.15 CET because time zone. 

or facebook: 

More on this tomorrow, now I´ll grab a drink and my ukulele and head over to the book launch! 

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