Street photography and silver play button!
I always used to enjoy street photography, I was never good at it but I love any opportunity to go out and take photos of what life is like on the streets of China. I'm not sure if any of you remember my "Friday Fives"? I used to try and take at least 5 interesting street photos a week to upload to facebook, but it became a chore and the quality of my photos suffered and I eventually gave up (I'm not saying that I was ever any good, but my photos went from amateur to just plain awful). 

I've decided to start taking pictures again and will be posting a photo a week to my facebook page and instagram. By the way if you don't follow me on instagram, I hope that you can since I do put up unique content there on a weekly basis. My instagram address is: serpent_za 

I hope you guys like the idea! 

And finally it seems that my YouTube silver play button is on the way! I heard from my friend in Hong Kong that it may actually be delivered today! (I had to send it to HK since it's almost impossible to send it here to Mainland China, even though they're made here lol). 

I know that there hasn't been a video from me or Sasha this week, but worry not! There will be one from both!  

Can't wait to see you all in the next video and as always!

- Stay Awesome!