STREET FIGHTER II review for PC-Engine!
I'm the strongest woman in the world!!

Welcome to a new era of CGR Mk3 reviews. Longer, bigger, better and with more awesome. I put the new reviews on a schedule (which you can see at and want Patreon backers to know that your support allows me to do this. Thank you. Every day, thank you.

After speaking to many of you, I've slowed down the production schedule a bit to make each review bigger and better. Patreon backers will be getting new reviews on Thursday and Saturday!! If there's better days let me know, but that seems like a good starting point. 

There may be random reviews thrown in as well, and lots of Laps of Awesome, Tactics videos and other stuff, but these big Mark 3 reviews are my flagship Internet video products and I want people to know they're big and special. Like me. I'm big and special. I blame beer for that.

CGC August Ringtones

I am running a few days behind on those, I'm planning to record and post tomorrow. Sorry bout the mess.


Apparently YouTube is now deciding what content can and can't get ads based on "objectionable content" or foul language. I'm not sure how, or if, this will affect me yet. Most of my stuff is PG rated anyway. I rely on Patreon to cover the bulk of costs, which is why I'm very concerned about reaching new viewers and getting them to support on Patreon. Please tell others about this Patreon! It's fun. (party hat emoji) It also keeps this running.

Drawing with Lord Karnage

A new Drawing with Lord Karnage was filmed today as I made a few doodles and two new t-shirt designs! Posting tomorrow (maybe)


A Kickstarter for the 1st CGR Feature Length Review will launch wed. September 14.  I have printing quotes! I'll start to post rough packaging sketches when I get them.

Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2nd printing

I have a quote to print another batch of Ethel graphic novels. The original run sold out, I'm still running numbers. Hopefully I'll print more for the holidays.

That's all the news for today. Thank you again and enjoy the Street Fighter II review! Do you like the Thursday and Saturday Patreon Mk3 upload schedule? I guess we'll see how it works out.

Big and special.