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I've been reading the brilliant Turn to 400 blog, now sadly stopped, which focused on playing through and reviewing Fighting Fantasy books with a loving, if critical, eye. It's fun stuff.

I also played an FF book with my nephew, and jeez it was dull.

But: I wanted to recreate that sort of grimy, lumpy, not-quite-understanding-everything fantasy from the books. You know? Mad wizards, no-one having the right amount of eyes, scarred faces, everything trying to kill you, your character class being "mean dude with a sword," a complete lack of character optimisation options, etc. 

I also thought it would be fun to have a booklet-based game, because I don't play with the medium enough. 

I'd already written this month's game in rough (it's called METAMAGICIANS and it's a game about making up the game you're playing in) but it looks like that's going to wind up as a back page, or released later in the year, because the idea of doing a dirty old fantasy berg really charmed me. 

It uses a modified version of THE WITCH IS DEAD rules, because I rather like them, and (despite evidence to the contrary) I don't think there's any need to invent new rules systems when there are existing ones that will do just fine. 

You'll have to print this one out and fold it up into a little book, which I think will be fun for conventions and that. Anyone who backs at the physical level will get an extra copy, pre-folded, so you don't have to go through the rigmarole of finding a printer when you've already paid me to do that for you.  Not sure what's going on the back page yet, but I'm toying with a) loads of charms and spells, because they're fun b) a regional map or c) both. Whatever it is, I want it to work as part of the booklet. 

On that note: I'll be sending out physical copies of GIANT GODDAMN ROBOTS, NO MORE ROOM IN HELL and STREETS OF KARAZUN later this month. 

That's all. Thanks for your support!

- G

EDIT: Cut up and rescanned the file so it folds into a booklet a bit better.

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