STRENGTH ... 86,400 seconds/day, each day ... in order to do more IMPORTANT stuff, you have do less JUNK.
Lots of programs that are suggested for you will spend a lot of time/effort emphasizing what you need to do or eat more of -- most will not talk much about what you need to do less of.  But every second of your day will fill itself up with something if you allow it to, eg eating junk food, watching tv/social media, engaging in mindless activity.  

86,400 seconds a day, you are being programmed.

If you want to allow others program you, you can do that .. you will be programmed in each one of your 86,400 seconds of each day to be something ... the default is letting someone else program you -- but you can choose, with each second -- you don't have to be programmed according to  what somebody else wants you to be.  

As stated in previous posts the KEY is to program YOUR Workflow-As-Code LOOKING FORWARD ...  to make each second of each of YOUR days more productive for making YOU more productive in YOUR future, not somebody else's future ... YOU decide who YOU want to be.  

YOU have to plan, looking forward, getting stronger for where YOU will be in 5, 10, 25 years.  For example, if you are a 57-year-old man, YOU have to prepare to be a stronger 62-year-old man so that you can become a strong 67-year old man so that you can become a strong 82-year-old ... it is beyond STUPID for a 57 year old to want to become someone else OR even to look back or prepare to be a strong 52-year old man, strong 47-year old, a strong and tough 32-year-old elite SEAL or professional athlete.  Do not look back, you are not going that way.  

There are tons of self-help and advice experts out there who have advice for you ... it might work for them, but not ALL of their plan will work for you.  You can still use it. There's no end to the genre, but we all probably know that the "perfect formula" for continually seeing results in improving your overall health, fitness, productivity in all realms comes down to taking charge of your plan and then having the discipline to stick with it.  For example, your Workflow-As-Code might be about applying diligent effort to and focusing on five disciplines in your life:  

1) emapathetic listening, simplifying life, removing non-value-added activities;

2) getting better rest, drinking more water, making each breath a good breath;  

3) eating better but mostly eating less, eliminating what you should not eat;  

4) moving a lot more, not just cardio/lifting at a gym/dojo, but cleaning, fixing;

5) take less for granted, develop proficiencies in security/food/engineering

You might define your different disciplines differently, but how you do that  ultimately has to be about increasing YOUR strength and you define strength ... it is YOUR life and YOUR life demands well-rounded, durable strength for what YOU want to become.  

STRENGTH is never quitting on yourself and always being ready and able to stand up to tough situtations or enemies.  STRENGTH cannot be a matter of false bravado or bullyingothers.  Leading with strength is a matter of doing what nobody wants to do; overcoming fear is a matter of stepping into that fear.  It's a matter of preparation and training to be prepared to lead, to be prepared to overcome fear... discipline, just staying at it, leading, standing up, being ready ... never, ever, ever quitting on yourself.  

Obviously, these five disciplines are very important; you may define your particular five disciplines differently -- you are different, so you should use your own situation, do your own investigation, develop your own five disciplines for YOU ... but I believe that SIXTH discipline to strength in LEADERSHIP is most important ... that sixth step is about being an example, standing up and involving others, bringing others along ... the SIXTH discipline is not about you, it is about "arming thy neighbor," it is making others STRONGER.

Because that, I am a fan of the PODCAST by Jocko Willink ...  it is NOT because I RESPECT Jocko (I do!) or even that I RESPECT what others think, especially those who also RESPECT Jocko because he is one tough, intimidating SEAL. Oddly enough, Jocko's toughness is perhaps almost TOO obvious -- Jocko is not why I am fan of that podcast ... I am a fan because of how that podcast is done, how it is delivered, how the podcast serves as an example on many different levels.  

It's not all that fancy -- the podcast is just a very HONEST discussion of INTENSE PRACTICALITY and focus on preparation and training and OWNERSHIP ...  just was emphasized there because it's NOT -- "just" is a matter of making the extremely difficult APPEAR very simple.  So I the podcast in a meta-sense; I think of the Jocko Podcast as THE template in how a podcast should be done.  HONESTY.  PRACTICALITY.  INTENSITY.  STRENGTH.

What is perhaps strongest is in how Jocko brings others in for the discussion and really involves a variety of people, eg Tim Ferriss, Roger Hayden, Kieran Dougherty, Jody Mitnic, et al in his discussion of EXTREME OWNERSHIP  ... and Echelon Front.  In other words ... YES, the Jocko Podcast is definitely about MARKETING ... and NETWORKING with others ... and interacting on social media, and answering questions/comments and developing a COMMUNITY of people who really get it.

So THIS post is about why I am a fan of that Jocko podcast for really internalizing a "perfect formula" for continually seeing quantitative imporovement.  It helps that the podcast has good content that is very personal, very human, very warm, very down-to-earth but PRACTICAL content in the vein of the writing of Col David Hackworth on instilling habits, helping others build habits, diligence and the necessity of working at getting stronger in order to get stronger in order to get stronger ... to face IMPOSSIBLE situations, like combat ... but THIS particular post of WORKFLOW-AS-CODE is about the META-ISSUE, the example that the Jocko  podcast provides that is worthy of emulation.

Take a few moments to review the Jocko podcasts ... if you have not already done so, listen to a few of the episodes ... understand and RESPECT the Jocko podcast as  "perfect formula" for the way a podcast should be done.  Maybe you can find a better template -- but I sorta doubt it ...

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