Stretch Goals: It's dangerous to chap alone!
Hello, ladies and dudes. So here are the things that are happening in my brain and traveling through my nerves to my muscles and into the world: You may have noticed that the first 5 stretch goals I set for my Patreon got knocked over REALLY quickly. Like, within maybe the first 12 hours of the page being live. This is because I didn't think in my wildest dreams that people would be so generous, and it truly blew me away. So I'm supposed to do Let's Play videos, learn how to use Flash, and collaborate more with my friends. Those are things on my plate now, but I'm not going to let them distract me from writing new songs, because that's why this page is even here. You eat the veggies before you have dessert, you know? But that brings me to the furthest stretch goal - I write and put out a chap hop EP. (If you don't know what chap hop is, put on your listening pants and search for "Professor Elemental" on YouTube.) I set that goal thinking there's no way in a million years I'd get $2,300/video within 6 months, even a year of starting, and I thought I'd have a lot of time to get my feet under me and shore some production budget money away. So, now here we are, at a little over $2,200, and I won't mince words here: I'm dreading hitting that stretch goal – not in general! but right now I'm trying to get some steam built up with new original songs, and getting bespoke sonnets and limericks out to those who deserve them. And if I want to make the chap hop thing sound as awesome as it sounds in my head, I need to consult a few friends of mine who actually know what they're doing, and I didn't budget for that when I set that goal. (I didn't budget at all, really. I just like the number 23.) So I'm going to kick the chap hop stretch goal up to $5,000. This gives me time to get some of this other stuff off my plate, and also gives me to chance to make this an actual Cool Sounding Thing and not a pile of crappy GarageBand loops (which is really all I'm capable of on my own.) So that's what's happening with the chappening. Please don't be mad. <3, Molly