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String Cheese (2014 String Ensemble, Grade 1.5)
Here is my new composition for elementary strings. Inspired by a title suggestion from a friend on Facebook, this entertaining piece introduces beginner string players to staccato bowing, two-note slurs, and portamento as a preparation for shifting positions in later studies. It has a lighthearted promanade style and features melodic material for the cello and bass as well as the violins. Special thanks to my patrons for directly supporting my continued creation of new music. The next project is a series of short quartets that will be playable by any combination of instruments. I will also simultaneously be working on an original Christmas song. If you know any music teachers who may be interested in this piece, please be sure to forward it to them. They can also commission me to write an original piece for them by becoming a patron at the $25 level.
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