Studio/Gallery Photos

This is my little Studio/Gallery space, that I mentioned above.....

Well, the “studio” part is behind me, in the pictures. It was fairly untidy, so I just took pictures of the “gallery” part. The room itself is part of Roan State Community Collage’s campus.

It’s located in a building set slightly back from the main building.

This other building is called:

The CBI. Or, Cumberland Business Incubator.

They aim to help small start up businesses and they have other things that they do, as well. I am one of 8 renters. They are lending me the shelves that you see in the pictures. But, they are so tall that I really have very little room to hang things on the walls, and they made an already small room look suffocating.

I would like to, with my volunteer help, build my own displays, but as it stands at the moment. I don't have enough money for that. That is one of the reasons that I am here.

The main reason is that I have no room for everything in our apartment and I can’t properly store my supplies. They sometimes get damaged, or tarnished. Sometimes supplies, for all of my interests (Jewelry, Painting, etc.....) will get lost.

Having them at the studio will protect them, and I won't be losing them so easily.

Also, since I will no longer be losing them, I can buy supplies and I can make more Jewelry. Instead of buying just to replace damaged or missing ones.

Also, I have had jewelry break, because it’s all the house, in its boxes, and if a cat should knock it down, then it’s likely to be stepped on, before it’s noticed.

It’s the same with my other supplies. I can’t properly paint with oils in my apartment. I have similar issues with the clay, as I have with the jewelry supplies.

I really need this Studio/Gallery... And, more supplies. So, I am hoping that you will find these images helpful, in order for you to get a better idea of what I am doing and going to do.