So I have until October 17th to enjoy the view from my studio space and pack it all down the eight sets of stairs and back into my home work space... 

We got a text with an "Urgent meeting tomorrow" on Monday in regards to the shared arts space I have been inhabiting since February and yesterday we got the confirmation that the space is to be put to another use by it's new owner. The inevitability of moving out of any Renew Newcastle space has been something I have always factored into how I perceive this and the earlier studio spaces. It has been a privilege having access to this little castle in the sky and it may be some time before I have the opportunity to have a roost like this again. Twelve different projects were housed in the building and there isn't currently anywhere for us to move to within the system. It is a case of "wait and see" but I shall suck the marrow out of using this space in the mean time (and start ferrying my pot plants home one by one).

In other creative news I've got a number of irons afire to share with you:

As of last Thursday I am curating a short deadline, popup exhibition for the Newcastle Theatre Company's production of Loves Labours Lost (Oct 7th-21st). We've got the theme "Passion, Promises and Politics" to play with and I've until October 6th to get my own work done and to wrangle as many of my creative coterie as possible to produce work for it. I'm planning involve motorbikes in mine :) Because that is currently how my Shakespeare interpretations are rolling.

Last month I put in an expression of interest for doing creative workshops at Newcastle library and late last week I heard back that they were keen on my pitches! Thus I will be presenting three classes during the school holidays! An Illuminated Capital Letter, Drawing Birds, and Drawing for Embroidery projects.

As a part of working out the content of one of these workshops I've made contact with a local embroiderers and textile artist guild to sound out my ideas. And PHEW! Wasn't that an Aladdin's cave of potential for creativity and distraction in equal measures?!

I've *also* managed to score a four sessions directing a Fantasy Cartography project with a kids holiday group next month - I am stoked about it - distracting as it is from my existing projects.