Studio Update, June 9th, 2014
I put the last of the Patreon care packages out this morning, so everyone should be getting them by the end of the week! The remaining space worms prints will NOT be available online. but I'll try and get the tote bags listed in my store sometime this week. I've also had some questions about opening up more slots. The short answer is that 25 is the most I can handle right now, but you can sign up to be informed if someone drops out. ALSO, if you're a Patreon subscriber(at any level, even $1) and buy something from my store, try to let me know in the check out notes so I know to throw some extra stuff in for you! I've started working on next month's care package already(I have to be completely done with my half of the work by mid-month, to account for shipping). The leafbug zines should be arriving on Thursday. I did another cryptids drawing yesterday(Australia and New Zealand, this time). Care package people...would you prefer these as mini-prints, or greeting cards? They'd be the same size, regardless(I might also split the difference, and do notecards...they'll essentially be mini prints, with envelopes). I've also been working on my installation art project on weekends. If you're into seeing how that takes shape, I've got a project page for that over at In other studio update news, I've been having lots of fun developing new bug faces, and making plans to do some large cabinet pieces for my March show, as well as some really tiny ones. I'm actually thinking of making some subdivided wooded display boxes, with spaces to hold more bugs or monsters...kind of a starter kit for my art where you get to eventually build your own curiosity cabinet full of odd bugs and things. Hmmmm. I've got lots of comics on my plate! I'm working on a guest comic for one of my favouritest artists and people in the world. You won't see it for a couple months, but if you like my brand of embarrassing comic autobiography, I will most likely be delivering that. I'm also finishing up my Beyond Anthology story this month. People are SO HARD to draw. Yaaaay monsters, boooo people. Anyway! Lots of work! I'm working!