Studio Updates
When November ends so does the guitar contest and I will reformat my Patreon page.  I've finalized my new guitar design.  Like many of you out there, I am a HUUUUUGE Walking Dead fan and recently ordered the Zombie-burst guitar as seen in their season five catalog.  It was THE BEST hardtail guitar I've ever played, even surpassing my Gibson Les Paul Junior.  So I worked up a few designs and will incorporate them into my patreon goals when I reformat.  It'd be really cool once the page expands to offer the custom Plague of Smiles TM guitar as a random "Oprah-type" reward.  

Preparations in the studio this week are going to allow me to dive back into recording this weekend.  I'm clearing distractions out of the way.  Hope you liked the last song I did for you

A lot of inspiration is coming from reading the liner notes on all The Beatles CD's I've been ordering.  They did so much with really primitive recording methods that I feel shamed with all the modern gadgets now sitting on my desk.  At one point they were recording six songs a week!  AMAZING!