Study Date [Illustrative Art]
This is from this and this and this.

I mentioned this in the sketch post, but I wanted to do a schoolwork related art and this is what came out. This is also loosely based on the Kirishima and Bakugo study dates except there's a lot less angry yelling and a lot more agreeable excited yelling. 

This one gave me a little trouble with the colors. I wasn't very decided when I started, but I think they came out alright. 

There was originally some more details behind them! I laid down colors and everything for it, but I realized I like the negative space around Tenya more as well as the L-shaped composition. Press F to pay respects to those layers. 

A full sized download of this illustration will go out for Patron Saints in an hour!

Background Information: This is Izuku "Deku" Midoriya and Tenya "Ingenium" Iida from the anime/manga My Hero Academia [Boku no Hero Academia] by Kohei Horikoshi.