Hello everyone!

I’m currently scanning the studies I did in the month of June to post throughout the upcoming week for my patrons. I’m making more and more studies on poses, clothes/folds, and anatomy in general. 

Before, these studies were for patrons who unlocked lvl2 of rewards ($5/mo) but I decided today to choose selected sheets monthly for the 1st tier; $1/mo.

I’m working more to have a good stable monthly income and a better work schedule. I really don’t enjoy putting things behind a paywall (I mean, everybody enjoys making money of course :P), but I always have that nagging feeling that such studies and resources might be beneficial for others, because in the end, I’m more an artist who really wants to give back and learn by self-studying and explaining it to others, than a business woman. But we all know too, that this is life /sigh

I still keep it in mind to share some sheets for free whenever I can. All anatoMay sheets and a study about hoddies are available for now!

I truly appreciate all the support, whether through Patreon, Tapastic, comments, likes, shares, etc. Thank you so much for helping me keep doing what I love.