So did the wipe on the computers. Worked out pretty well and only took most of a night. Still waiting on Main Computer to finish syncing files from Dropbox, it turns out I forgot to turn off the sleep function last night. Silly me.

The most important thing to mention is that Epi 57 might be a touch late (read monday) due to Life Stuff(tm).  It is looking like I have to get a job to cover Podcast expenses. That or take up pan handling in the quater. still debating which would actually net me more money. lol.

Tomorrow I am planning on going out and attempting all that. There is a pizza place hiring near by, also gonna try for an Office Depot or pet store job. really what ever is in walking distence.  I don't know how this is going to effect the show, I am hoping it will help as that is a massive problem off my chest. 

Also a bit worried because I have been a housewife for 5 years or so, mostly because of health reasons. My health has only gotten worse but I needs the moneys to keep Podcast going and well keep me going. Just wanted to give ya'll an update.