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$5 or more per Song 2 patrons
$5 per song makes you a Super-Patron. I feel the awesome weight of responsibility to please you via synthpop. But sometimes synthpop is not enough, which is why you will also get:

  • all the LUXURIOUS lower-tier rewards. Includes the patron-only feed and the MP3 downloads.
  • VIP access to my all-nude monthly video diary (disclaimer: there will be no actual nudity, shame on you). Once a month I will do my best to be entertaining on video, for big-spender eyeballs only. Length and format will vary, but I will always give the videos serious effort. Maybe not 110% though.
  • FREE download of Stumble, my greatest album. Also my only album.
$15 or more per Song 0 patrons
$15 per song makes you a Mega-Patron. You are the engine that makes my clockwork heart go tick tock. What can I do to show you my vast, world-consuming gratitude? How about if I give you:

  • all the STUNNING lower-tier rewards. Includes the patron-only feed, the MP3 downloads, video diary access, and the album download.
  • the DELUXE social media stalker package. I will follow you on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, because in all honesty you're the best and I love you and what are you wearing right now? Oh that's right, I know exactly what you're wearing because I'm legit following you on Instagram!
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