Stupid New Animation + Updates
I thought that you guys deserved a small teaser on the animation that is holding up some of our regular uploads! I promised on teaser that it was stupid and pointless. And this should reinforce that statement:

It is a Zelda/Seinfeld crossover animation! This is just a small snippet. It will be a compilation of about 8 famous moments from Seinfeld, retooled to feature Zelda characters and settings.



On channel related news, you can expect new videos from series like Wildfire, Mekazoo, and Pokemon Snap!! Pokemon Snap is delayed at the moment, but we have about 6 of them recorded and are holding off until the time is right.

The Madness: PN2 team also said a new update will be going live soon. I plan to reboot the series with a new PART 1 in proper HD!! Just as long as this update fixes the game breaking issue I was having.

Let me know if you want more updates/teases like this! I feel that you guys deserve a sneak peak into our plans - and I am more than willing to share. Cheers buddies!