Style, Timing and Value

The Challenge should you choose to accept it! 

I'm looking to create a list of reward examples - where there is a change in one or more of; style, timing and value. 

This list then can be used as a resource to give as many examples as possible.  

Style - the handlers pattern of rewarding; - throwing the ball at the source.

Timing - the handlers pattern of timing the reward delivery; - reward is sitting at source when the dog arrives at source.

Value - the handlers pattern to use a particular value of treats; - a dogs favorite food.

Here is where you come in. 

1. List a specific way in training where you have rewarded or could reward that is different from all others posted where the; style (or) timing (or) value has changed but could be replicated with either food or a toy or other reward.

Example: As the dog drives to the hide, I time the hotdog throw to hit as close to the hide as possible.