Stylish Slow Motion Video!
I've made a few more slow motion videos!  As always, this one is public.  I'll be giving you all a bonus slow motion video in about an hour!

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You're a cool ninja!  I'm giving you access to Patreon only feed
  •  Access to Patreon Feed.  This showcases early videos, behind-the-scenes footage, ninja revelations and more! 
  • Be heard!  Vote in Patreon polls that shape the future videos
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This is the big one!  BONUS VIDEOS

• Get access to bonus, Patreon exclusive videos!  Just do a search for the tag #exclusive to see all the full length as well as short tutorials available only to donors.
• Plus all previous rewards   

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 • New reward to be announced...

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Amazing, thank you.

Your name displayed in a special thanks at the end of Flowtricks Youtube Videos

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 Announcing... Mega Curtain Call.  

1. This option is similar to curtain call, except you get to submit a photo of yourself.  We can either a) Use that photo or b)I'll have an artist draw your picture and add a little magic.    

2. Every video will display that photo/artwork while I announce you as an awesome donor.  Likely be right before the ending of the video but it might occasionally be in the beginning or middle also.       

3. If you have a specific drawing that you'd like me to use, let me know!   Otherwise, join up, send me a sweet photo of you in a  cool stance and feel good that you're supporting the development of the upcoming mobile app!   This is a new tier will help me with handling the brand new Flowtricks app and website fees! You rock!     
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You're the best!  

• Free 1 hour skype training each month to you, a friend or family member.  I'll personally guide you to the very next step where you need to be. 

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So much thanks! Let's partner!

 • Sponsor a Flowtricks video where I announce you as a sponsor, display a logo and provide your link before the lesson all month (Social Bluebook has valued each Youtube shout out at $62)
• When the website arrives, your banner will be prominently displayed. 

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