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SU Deck - Mj15 - The Devil
The Devil is a card of entrapment, negativity, bad habits, addiction,  dependency, and physical struggles, and represents situations we believe we have no control over. Often, however, the Devil is things we could have control over, if we stopped to look at it from another perspective. The Devil is a card of allowing yourself to be trapped just as much as it's about being trapped. Recognise patterns of unhealthy behaviour or destructive obsessions, and break them down. You don't need to suffer.

Jasper asked Lapis to fuse in a petty, hypocritical move to get back at the Crystal Gems, and Lapis agreed in order to take some form of control and revenge in a world that had done nothing but hurt her for millennia. Lapis then kept Malachite prisoner at the bottom of the ocean - cold, dark, self-induced suffering, and even Steven's dream self couldn't convince her that it was, ultimately, a pointless gesture kept going purely out of her own spite. Their toxic relationship could have ended at any time, but Jasper's bullheadedness and stark hatred of the situation fuelled her fighting, Lapis' stubbornness and desire for revenge made her pull harder, and they clashed for months on end.

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