Su Lee The Pin Shop Lady
Hi Folks. I've been making some enamel pins lately. I also collect pins too and my favorite place to get them is Oriental Art Gallery in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district. I decided to make a pin of the shop's owner, Su Lee. There's a blog post on my site about it here:

I've dropped some pins off with Su Lee and, if you're nice, she might sell you one but bring more $$ for her great selection of vintage pins. All of my current Patreon patrons that pledge $10+/month can expect to recieve one of these pins in the mail soon. Thanks for making things like this possible!

Tier Benefits
The High Five
$1 or more per creation
You get regular updates on my art making. You'll really be helping to support me as an artist and there's all kinds of good feelings that come with that. PLUS- I'll send you a postcard in the mail
The Fist Bump Special
$3 or more per creation
You get regular updates on my art making, the postcard, and triple the thanks! 
The Casual Koozie
$5 or more per creation
You get the "Old Hashtag Ale" beer cozies (aka "koozies"), the thanks, and an occasional personalized postcard of thanks.
The Pins and Patches Club!
$10 or more per creation
At the $10 level, you get whatever pin, patch or button that I've made that month! I'll send it right to you in the mail, postage paid. You also get the occasional hand-drawn postcard (usually every month or so).
$20 or more per creation
In addition to whatever pin, button, or patch I've made that month, VIPs will recieve bonus artwork of my choosing, hand-picked and personalized to the subscriber.
The You Crazy Level
$100 or more per creation
I'll come up with something really good for this but please, pledge away.
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