Sub-project announcement
Things are going pretty smooth with reforming the team, in fact, even better than I estimated them to.  Our sub-project is going through the end of drafting out and tech poking, considering an engine swap and artist’s replacement – that’s a very promising start. If all goes well, we will be able to make a small demo in December. 

About the sub-project; it is a short story drifting between thriller and detective fiction. This format keeps enough space to get into details, still has compact, manageable length. The plot’s structure includes two possible endings based on the player’s actions. Besides the menu choices, I plan to try the plug-in system with a puzzle or two. The main goal is to test gathered experience with applied writing. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for new members to test their strength in a live project. 

I don’t plan to place adult content in the sub-project. Since we are working at one point at a time, it just falls of the scope for now. Yeah, some may not like it. I don’t have a recipe to make everyone happy, but attempting to cover all sections at once is the road to screwing up. The change will be reflected in the Patreon page before the release of the demo. This will include the rewards system too.