Subject: Found Season 2 Update
Good morning Patrons! I wanted to send a quick update on my progress with season 2 of the show. As many of you know I work on each season long before you hear episodes drop. Season 2 of the show is no different. I've been writing it since October and am going through my third round of edits. Recently I discovered a plot hole that needs to be corrected and this will push the production schedule back a little bit. Have no fear though, your Patron dollars are being put to good use as I am working on material for you at least 5 days a week (but usually seven days a week). That has always remained consistent and will not change, even after the first season for both of these shows concludes. I will keep you abreast of progress when I have important updates for you. Thank you for your continued support that allows me to invest so heavily in creating for your enjoyment. Cheers, Paul