Submit your AMA Questions for STWT Show 11!

So Many Questions, so Few Answers...

The Socratic Method is basically using questions to find the truth, so please do as Socrates said and ask questions!

Every week on Spitting Truth With Titus  #STWT,  which is my once a week live show, I go over the Patreon and Steemit  submitted questions. You can ask me any question, and I guarantee to  read it live on air and provide you with my answer. This provides all of  you who follow me on steemit or who are my patrons, to get your  questions answered for sure at least once a week. This also provides  incentive for my almost 27k subscribers on YouTube to join steemit and  follow me on here or to become a patron of my channel.

So fire away below with your questions, I always look forward to answering these once a week.

If you are looking for topics, anything about PizzaGate is always  good, anything about the recent videos I have done, the Chris Cornell  murder investigation, the Rebel Media implosion I just covered, the  Charlottesville situation, anything, just let me know what is on your  mind?

I would love some video questions or audio questions. If you want me  to play your video or audio question live on air, please let me know,  just drop the link below.

Have a nice day and tune in at 9pm to see what my response is to your  question. As always if you can't make the live show, it will be posted  on my channel so you can watch it at your leisure. The live chat though  is always fun, so try to tune in live!

See ya at 9pm tonight everyone!

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