Submitted my first free repair.

I recently submitted my first free repair to a school. Did not go a well as I thought..

I received a PO for the repair.  Performed the repair and tried to submit a receipt showing $0.00.  This did not go well with finance.  They appreciate the free repair but the receipt needs to show an amount.  So I submitted a receipt for $1.00.  Well that did not go well with the folks that write the checks, lol.  They called me and asked, "are you serious, you want us to write a check for $1.00?"

So on the next repair I turn in, I will do either a percentage off special or discount special.  Oh, They asked that I include the reason why the amount either lowered or raises.  So I need to come up with a discount name.  What do you think it should be?

For repairs supported by my Patreons, "Patreon Special", What you think?

Feel free to send me your ides.  

Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated!